Two major events dominate my early summer visit to Frelon Cottage!

The first is the completion, finally, of the Piggery Bathroom (more on that later) and the second is the rumoured and much discussed arrival of sheep to the field adjacent to the end of our plot!

For years, well since we have been in Le Port, the field at the end has been laid fallow, in rural French terms that means left weed infested! The down side being that we are in the windward direction and the thistle seeds et al infested our garden! But in the autumn, this field was sowed with grass and rumours started of the impending arrival of a flock of sheep. This was later affirmed but an email telling of the installation of an electric fence.


On my arrival, I was greeted with the sound and sight of said flock in the paddock! We can now add the baas of sheep to the cock a doodle doos, moos and chirping of cidadas. A welcome addition: and far more pleasant than the shouting of cyclists and they pass through our village in Cambridgeshire.

The second event, completion of the piggery bathroom, has been the culmination of six years of planning. As mentioned before, this derelict part of the house was earmarked on my drawings to one day be a bathroom and during the early stages of the renovations, services, electrics and water were all routed there and there they stayed while this room, with patched up floor and no ceiling became a builder’s store.


The piggery bathroom before

Over the last two years, the floor and ceiling has been replaced and during the Easter holiday the plumber came and connected the bath, basin and toilet and since then, a French joiner, Monsieur Gachet, has installed a new window and shutters.


Piggery bathroom after!

On this visit, all that remained was to paint and finish the details. I say all that remained, as in French decorating almost everything is painted! This took all of my five days, not a problem as the weather was not great.


The last morning the weather was glorious, the garden looked fantastic and I left in the knowledge that now every room in the house is now complete!



Garden before


Garden now!


Six years ago’ ‘Look at him all excited planting trees, when his house is derelict’, they laughed!