Pour Le Cochon

When we were shown around the derelict Frelon Cottage by the then owner Mme Deumontei, as perspective buyers, their entire family had arrived a few hours earlier to sweep, strim and cut back to make the house look saleable.

On the grand tour, we were shown around the rear of the house to a small cellar type room beneath an upstairs room. This room had a low ceiling, a dirt floor and a small door.

When politely invited to look inside, my wife said jokingly ‘pour les enfants!’ to which Mme Deumontei replied sternly ‘Non, non, pour le cochon’!

The room above has since always been referred to as The Piggery Bathroom’.


The piggery

This room, in the oldest part of the house must have originally been some sort of kitchen as it has cupboards and what appears to be a limestone wood burning stove. However, it had suffered the most prior to the roof being replaced from water damage and rot. We had therefore, just patched up the rotten floor and ceiling and used it for a storage room for paint and tools and stuff.


The piggery bathroom

Now inside is complete and the majority of the garden done, we have decided to turn our attention to realising this room as a bathroom. We have a fantastic shower downstairs but a bath and a second toilet would make life easier.

This trip it is my aim to replace the floor, which will include replacing and reinforcing some of the beams with new oak beams (bought in the UK as the post Brexit exchange rate makes it more cost effective to buy in England and transport down, the irony of this is that it is French oak I am buying here!) and replace the ceiling with new tongue and groove boards. Chipboard floor sections for this job were brought down three years ago (as was a bath) when I hired a large van to bring a sofa and beds etc.


New oak beams

On this trip I am accompanied by my son, Percy, so it will not all be work and the weather is forecast to be warm. I have realised that I do not post on here so often but its is not that I have grown tired of the blog or the novelty has worn off, it is that we now spend more time relaxing at Frelon Cottage than we do working and that is not newsworthy!


In the attic!

The other reason for this autumn trip is to close up for the winter. Move furniture away from walls, put bedding in sealed boxes and set numerous mouse traps, as we will not be back until mid February, the longest time we spend away from the cottage.

It is sad closing up and leaving for the winter but now the house is warmed by two wood burners maybe we will one day spend Christmas here or stay here permanently………..?



New Floor


New Ceiling


Autumn at Frelon Cottage


New lawn now established


New sign to Le Port!

2 thoughts on “Pour Le Cochon

  1. Yes, please keep writing. Its great to see how the house is progressing, and fun to see someone else hard at work renovating at the same time as me. Looking forward to seeing the results of all your hard work.

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