Peter Spivey

Peter Spivey’s was an old fashioned sports shop in Watford High Street in the seventies and eighties and probably before. It was the type of shop that probably started small with one unit and then extended back and sideway whilst still only keeping one shop front.

It was a shop where browsing was not possible. Their extensive stock was secreted in drawers and boxes and only the numerous staff members new the location of each item. It was from Peter Spivey that I had bought for me my first new pair of football boots and I remember, also a pair of old fashioned shin pads.

So why when in south western France do I recall a sports shop from my childhood? Well…….

Next to the fireplace in the kitchen is a cupboard. This cupboard houses the electrics and the broom and stuff. It used to get very damp, even with water on the floor but since the installation of zinc gutters the whole house is so much drier, this includes this cupboard. It used to smell damp and fusty but now its dry it smells of…………….

…………Peter Spivey’s Sport Shop!!!


Look at that Sward!

Another flying visit to Frelon Cottage, just three days, to check on the new grass add some fertilizer and weedkiller.

May/early June is the best time out here. Everything is green and in flower, as the summer moves on it becomes a bit scorched, so I enjoy this may visit.

Our garden here is starting to mature. Some areas have been planted now for three years. Choose the right plants and they will romp away!


Whilst here I have also done a little lime rendering, built a new tread on the side steps and have attempted some ‘pierre apparente’ (very time consuming). Oh, and also painted the last set of shutters blue. They were all green but last year we decided blue would be better but for some reason the front upstairs pair got forgotten (well not forgotten, I did not have a ladder long enough!).


Pierre Apparente

Well, Back to the UK tomorrow. Maybe one more visit before the holiday in August. We will see!


View from the salon window. Dense weeds two years ago!


Modified and rendered steps


Note: whilst researching this blog post, I discovered that Peter Spivey sports is still thriving in Hemel Hempstead! They even have a website