One flip flop, several small shoes, a mattock head, an electrical rocker switch, a hand knitted sock, two blouses, one pair of tights, a recently dead mole, a pitch fork head and string, lots of string!

All these have been unearthed whilst preparing the garden for seeding. The string being the most disruptive and annoying as it catches on the tines of the rake and then has to be pulled out of the ground, most often than not lifting out several large stones. Stones being the only item more plentiful than string!

This is a flying visit of just two days with the sole intention of preparing and seeding 460sqm of land previously dug, in the hope that it will be a large and flat lawn in the summer.

Last time we ran out of time to rake and seed so this visit has been planned since my return just two weeks ago. This weekend was identified on the long range weather forecasts as a window of three days in between unseasonably wet and windy weather in south western France.

Worryingly, the closer I got to leaving the sooner this window was to close and rain return. By departure day, Saturday was fine and Sunday was drizzle with later heavy showers. The forecast was right Saturday was 23 degrees and clear blue sky all day. I know this as I was outside for eleven hours! and have the sunburn to prove it!


Lower level on the rain

On the suggestion of Robert, I prepared all the lower level first, removing around twenty wheel barrows of stones (in the UK when you say stones, one imagines flints 50mm and down, here a stone could be and often is, a grapefruit size lump of limestone), seeded and rolled, finishing just as the light was failing.


Sure enough, I awoke to heavy drizzle. With more time, this was not the weather to for raking and seeding, but I had no choice. With my boots building up like seventies platforms and the rake weighting three times its weight with mud it was hard work, but by lunchtime it was all done!


Upper Level

True to the forecast it started to pour as I was clearing up, perfect timing.

Home early tomorrow with aching muscles but satisfied that it is all done. It’s up to nature now!

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