Green or Blue

This is my last visit to Frelon Cottage before our family holiday.

The main reason for this trip, apart from cleaning the house, cutting the grass and setting up the Intex swimming pool is to build the chalk piers to complete the steps built last time. That, and the fact they are all sitting in the parking area and no one can park at the house.


My best laid plans to move these heavy blocks with a two man pincer block lifter was shot to pieces when I went to the hire shop to pick it up and in their wisdom they (Hirebase Sandy, named and shamed) decided to get in a suction flagstone lifter that was no good to me at all.  I was leaving next morning, so this left me in a panic. As it turned out an appropriated length of truck strapping and two lengths of timber did the trick and did not cost me eighty pounds to hire!


Piers constructed , my attention turned to the shutters. Two new sets had been fitted in my absence, to the salon and kitchen windows. Up until a few days ago we had been quite happy with the front shutters painted in Farrow and Ball ‘Cooking Apple’. However, a few days before leaving I suddenly thought they all should be Lavender Blue. In this region of France houses either have pale green, maroon or blue shutters. Maroon was never considered, but blue I felt was more vibrant and summery….. Anyway this meant a lot of painting.


As it was so hot, it was possible to get two coats on each side in one day. This was about the only benefit of the 40 degree temperatures, which limited outside work from 7.00am to about 2.00pm and that was pushing it!


All works completed and house and garden all ready I left at 1.30pm.

Unfortunately, I am writing this on the Eurostar as the van is in a garage near Poitiers after breaking down on the motorway……..